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Webmasters may only sell access to intangible products, as those products are delivered over the Internet.
These products include, but are not limited to:
  • Audio Files
  • Donations
  • E-books
  • Graphics
  • Movies
  • Music
  • News Items
  • On-line Club Memberships
  • Pictures
  • Restricted Access
  • Software
  • Source Code
  • Web Pages
  • Writings
Things you are not allowed to sell:
  • Child Pornography
  • Copyrighted works for which you do not have distribution rights.
  • Items that are illegal to sell or distribute in your community.
  • Physical Services
  • Physical Products
  • Reoccurring Memberships
  • Gambling
  • On-Line Casinos
  • Fake 'Celebrity' Porn


Your Relationship with Bee-Tokens:

Bee-Tokens will be your payment gateway, much like a credit card processor serves as a payment medium at a regular store.  Bee-Tokens will manage your producer account and the accounts of the producer’s customers.  When a customer makes a transaction on your website, they are making a transaction with Bee-Tokens.  You will be credited with the amount of Bee-Tokens collected on your behalf.  You, in turn, will provide access to the Internet content for which the customer has paid.  In most cases, the destination URL will directly link the customer to the product you are selling.
As such, Bee-Tokens is the payment processor and has no other relationship with your business or product.  Bee-Tokens will not be held accountable for any extenuating action taken on behalf of either you or your customer in conjunction with your product or media.  Bee-Tokens makes no claim to the viability, accuracy, or legality of your product.
Under no circumstances will Bee-Tokens be held liable to any parties for any punitive, special, supplementary, or other far-reaching damages arising directly or indirectly from any misuse of our products or services.  Bee-Tokens makes no claim to the copyright of material that you distribute.  OUR PURPOSE IS STRICTLY AS YOUR PAYMENT PROCESSOR.

Copyright issues:

Bee-Tokens trusts that you have acquired or own the rights of the content that you are distributing.  However, you are subject to copyright laws and the enforcement of those laws within the United States of America .
Bee-Tokens has developed a means to address copyright issue disputes of legal ownership and distribution rights of content for which you are accepting payment via Bee-Tokens.  Bee-Tokens will take a stance of neutrality and fairly evaluate both claims and responses for any reported copyright issue.  If you are found to be in violation of copyright or distribution rights of content that you are selling, Bee-Tokens may disable the Bee-Tokens gates that are linked to the content in question.  If you are found to be in major violation of copyright or distribution rights, Bee-Tokens may disable your Bee-Tokens producer account and deny you the ability to create new producer accounts.
NOTE TO COPYRIGHT OWNERS:  Bee-Tokens fully supports the rights that you have to your products.  As such, Bee-Tokens is very strict and will aggressively follow up on any valid copyright violation claim.
Bee-Tokens is not responsible for monetary or penal damages incurred in conjunction with copyrighted material, including vicarious liability regarding copyrighted material, even if Bee-Tokens is expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.

Refund policy and actions taken against producers:

Bee-Tokens is committed to providing the best experience for both its customers and producers.  Bee-Tokens may take actions on behalf of any party who is not delivered the content, as described on the purchase page, in conjunction with a specific purchase.  Under normal circumstances, the customer will receive a refund and you will keep the purchase amount.  However, if Bee-Tokens finds that excessive abuse or neglect in maintaining your content is preventing customers from reasonably accessing the material, Bee-Tokens may withdraw up to 100% of the purchases made in conjunction with the dispute.
If continued issues arise in conjunction with the same content, Bee-Tokens, at its discretion, will disable  the Bee-Token gateway to said content.  You will be notified via e-mail of this action and provided with the reason(s) for Bee-Tokens disabling the gateway.  You will be asked to correct the issue(s) related to this content.  Once the issue has been addressed and the problem corrected, Bee-Tokens will reactivate the gateway.  Note that gateway reactivation will only occur once you have notified Bee-Tokens of your corrective action and upon verification of the corrective action by Bee-Tokens.
If Bee-Tokens believes that you are intentionally defrauding Bee-Tokens’ customers or Bee-Tokens, itself, we may disable your master producer account until such time that Bee-Tokens is satisfied that you are in compliance with Bee-Tokens’ Terms of Service.

Automatic and manual validation of Bee-Tokens gateways:

Bee-Tokens periodically checks active Bee-Tokens gateways to ensure that they are operating correctly and properly distributing the advertised content.  Bee-Tokens will use special algorithms to verify server stability and acceptable uptime in conjunction with new and recently activated Bee-Tokens gateways.  If the automated routines uncover issues with your Bee-Tokens gateway, a Bee-Tokens staff member may verify this gateway manually by using an administrator Bee-Token ID to pass through your gateway and access your content URL.  These transactions will not show up on your Bee-Tokens producer statements, but may appear in log files on your server.  If you have questions pertaining to certain transactions that do no match up with the Bee-Tokens producer statements, please contact Bee-Tokens administration at support@bee-tokens.com  Bee-Tokens will provide you with the detailed log of all transactions pertaining to your Bee-Tokens Gateways.


Bee-Tokens is dedicated to being an “always available” payment system; however, there are occasions  that may require “down-time” for server upgrades, patches, and application improvements.  Furthermore, while Bee-Tokens utilizes three major, double-redundant, connections to the Internet, Bee-Tokens cannot guarantee your connection or the connection of your website visitors to our servers.  BEE-TOKENS CANNOT MAKE ANY GURANTEE OF COMPLETE AVAILABLITY OF ITS SERVICES AND WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST INCOME DUE TO SERVICE INAVIALIBILITY.

Payout amounts:

The percentage of payout that a producer will receive on totaled, real, Bee-Tokens transactions will be listed on the producer’s information page.  Standard payout is normally calculated at 75% of the value of Bee-Tokens collected. 


Bee-Tokens producer payments are made five business days after the closing of the previous pay period.  These periods close on the 15th and the last day of each month.  Payment is made either by U.S. drawn check.  Arrangements can be made for wire transfers, assuming the producer absorbs the cost of the transfer.   Costs incurred with producer-requested wire transfers will be deducted from the total payment to be made to the producer.  International customers may only receive payments via wired funds or U.S. Drawn Check.  This is controlled to reduce costs, guarantee delivery, and prevent fraud.  There is a minimum disbursement value of $5 for payment, payments will be grouped and unfunded until a minimum of $5 has been reached, then funds will be disbursed in a group. Funds not disbursed will be marked 'On Hold' in the Reports section. Checks are void after 90 days.

Collection of Bee-Token IDs:

No producer, webmaster, site designer, integrator, programmer, or other party that is affiliated with your website’s design are allowed to collect Bee-Token ID numbers, whether passively or aggressively, from customers.

Providing support:

Producers are discouraged from engaging in support issues that deal with transactions between the customer and Bee-Tokens.  Bee-Tokens is dedicated to reducing support-related correspondence between the producer and the customer. Bee-Tokens highly recommends that the producer direct any support related requests to support@Bee-Tokens.com.  The Bee-Tokens support team is dedicated to assisting customers with transaction-related issues arising from the use of the Bee-Tokens system. If the issue requires additional input from the producer, Bee-Tokens will forward any relevant issues to the producer.

Updating settings:

When initially establishing your producer account, Bee-Tokens requires that you review the producer settings addressed within of the Producers’ Club.  These settings affect the interaction between you and your customers when using the Bee-Tokens interface.

Things that need to be on your web pages to be an Authorized Bee-Tokens merchant:

Bee-Tokens has very few requirements that must be met to conduct business with us.  At a minimum, we do require that the main web page, and ultimately every web page that contains a Bee-Tokens gate, contain the following:
  • A link to Bee-Tokens Support Page.
  • A description of any security features that you use to protect your Bee-Tokens content.
  • If you are distributing adult material, your entry web page MUST contain an “I AM AN ADULT” gateway.
  • A declaration that you accept Bee-Tokens as a payment method, but you are not associated with Bee-Tokens in any other way.
Periodically, a Bee-Tokens staff member may verify that you have these items on your web page.  If Bee-Tokens discovers any discrepancies between our requirements and your web pages, we will notify you of those discrepancies.

Adult content:

Bee-Tokens accepts producers that wish to accept Bee-Tokens in conjunction with the distribution of their adult content.  To comply with distribution requirements, your adult content must be legal and all persons depicted within the content must be 18 years of age or older at the time the material is produced.  If you are located within the United States, you must further comply with distribution requirements as set forth in USC 18 2257.

Accuracy of records:

It is the webmaster’s responsibility to provide Bee-Tokens with accurate and updated records of contact and tax information.  See the Producers Club for more information.