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Who Can Purchase:

Any individual over the age of 18 may purchase Bee-Tokens.

Satisfaction refund policy:

Bee-Tokens wants to ensure your satisfaction with your Bee-Tokens account.  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, please contact us at support@bee-tokens.com.  Provide us with a brief explanation of the nature of your dissatisfaction and we will move quickly to process your refund.  If either of the following circumstances applies to your Bee-Tokens account, you may be ineligible for a full purchase refund:
  • If you have used over 90% of your initial purchase of Bee-Tokens (90 Bee-Tokens), you may be ineligible for a full purchase refund.
  • If you have refilled your account with one or more refill purchases, you may be ineligible for a full purchase refund.

Refund policy per transaction:

Bee-Tokens is dedicated to making your experience with our product enjoyable.  As such, Bee-Tokens has established a "per transaction" refund policy to show that Bee-Tokens will fully back our product and the content of Bee-Tokens’ authorized producers/websites.  When you use your Bee-Token ID to make a purchase on a Bee-Token authorized website, you are, in essence, transferring Bee-Tokens from your Bee-Token account into that of the website owner’s account.  Bee-Tokens guarantees the mechanics of this transaction with our 100% refund policy on a per transaction basis. 

The following reasons warrant a 100% refund:
  • The content page did not load due to a server error, including 403, 404, 500, 505, and 550 HTTP response codes.  This includes other server errors regardless of whether the error is caused by an oversight by the website administrator or by the configuration of the server.
  • The content was not delivered as described on the Bee-Token purchase gate.  For example, the content may have been listed as a sample movie file of a product demonstration and was delivered as “photo only” content.
  • The content is of poor quality (subject to verification by Bee-Tokens Staff).
  • The listed purchase price of the content and the actual amount of Bee-Tokens debited varies.
Reasons that your account will not be refunded:
  • Attempting to make the same transaction after a previous attempt was unsuccessful.  NOTE:  If the transaction was unsuccessful on the first attempt, there is a 99% chance that the transaction will be unsuccessful on repeated attempts.
  • Intention to defraud Bee-Tokens or participating websites by making a false claim of failed transactions.
  • Excessive requests for refunds.  This may result in future denials of refunds on a per transaction basis.
  • Multiple, excessive transactions conducted at the same website, as determined by Bee-Tokens Administration.  For example, if the result of a transaction on a website is negative, there is high probability of other transactions failing on that same website.
  • Computer hardware and/or software failure (e.g., computer crash), including Internet connection, of the Bee-Token customer.  Bee-Tokens refuses to accept fault for customer hardware/software issues and will not honor refunds associated with these issues.
  • The Bee-Token debit was made in conjunction with a physical product or service that cannot be considered intangible.

Adult verification:

A Bee-Token account can be set up and refilled by anyone.  When setting up a Bee-Token account via a credit card:
  1. You are agreeing that you are the owner of that card;
  2. You are agreeing to the terms of your banks card services;
  3. You are agreeing that you are over the age of 18.
When using your credit card, your account will be marked as adult-verified.
Some websites can require that any individual paying with Bee-Tokens be a verified adult.  If you intend for a minor to use your Bee-Token account or suspect that your account number may come into the possession of a minor, by law you are required to notify Bee-Tokens administration so as we can mark the account as “non-adult verified.”
Bee-Tokens accounts created through other means, including PayPal, are automatically marked as “non-adult verified.”  United States law does not recognize the possession of a checking account or a PayPal account as qualification of a “valid adult.”  If you wish to have your Bee-Tokens account noted as “adult verified,” please contact support@bee-tokens.com for the appropriate procedures to verify your account.

Conversion of currency fees:

Since Bee-Tokens is physically located in the United States , Bee-Tokens is not responsible for any additional fees associated with the use of an international credit card to purchase Bee-Tokens.  Your bank imposes these fees and Bee-Tokens has no control over these fees.


Bee-Tokens will NEVER re-bill or automatically refill your Bee-Token account.  If you wish to refill your Bee-Tokens account, you will need to make another Bee-Tokens purchase from the Bee-Tokens website.

Bee-Token Value:

One Bee-Token has the assumed face value of USD $0.10.  Bee-Tokens will not honor requests to liquefy existing Bee-Token account to US currency.  If you have an issue that may relate to a refund, please consult our refund policy.

Account Inactivity:

Accounts that have not been used for one year are subject to closure any balance is forfeited. One year is assessed from the last time you have made a successful debit from your account onto any website accepting Bee-Tokens.

Ownership of content:

When making a transaction with your Bee-Tokens account, you are purchasing access rights to view/experience the Internet content associated with the purchase.  Unless otherwise noted on the website from which the purchase is made, legal ownership and distribution rights of that content belong to the producers of that content.

Website Security (websites accepting Bee-Tokens):

Some websites employ different methods by which to protect their Internet content from non-paying customers.  Bee-Tokens encourages websites to protect their material.  By protecting individual content, producer costs are minimized and those savings can be passed on to you, the consumer.  Some security methods may falsely identify a valid transaction as a fraudulent one.  Bee-Tokens has established a refund policy that addresses this issue.  Bee-Tokens encourages customers to use our compatibility checker before using their Bee-Token accounts.  The compatibility checker can be accessed through the support section of the Bee-Tokens website.