Your Privacy:

Bee-Tokens is dedicated to protecting your privacy.† The following information outlines our privacy policy.† Updates to this policy will be listed on the Bee-Tokens website and will be enforced 30 days after the said update is released.

Collection of information:

When activating or refilling your Bee-Tokens account, Bee-Tokensí servers will collect personal information about you and the transaction in order to verify and successfully process your transaction.† This information is encrypted and maintained on Bee-Tokenís secure servers.

Processing of transactions:

Bee-Tokens currently, and will continue, to employ fraud protection systems provided by vScrub and† Any pertinent purchase information will be used by these companies to verify that your transaction is valid and that you are not attempting to defraud Bee-Tokens.† Your personal information is passed to both vScrub and via secure socket layer (SSL)-encrypted server-to-server transactions.† SSL transactions encrypt your personal information before sending it, providing the best security possible.

Bee-Tokens purchase and securi-debit pages:

Bee-Tokens employs SSL server security verified from an international certificate authority.† SSL provides the best protection possible for each purchase transaction that takes place on Bee-Tokens.† To learn more about SSL, please consult the webopedia.

Usage of personally identifiable information:

Your personal information will only be used to successfully identify and process your account activation or to refill your Bee-Tokens account.† Bee-Tokens will not distribute, sell, or trade your personal information with third parties.† Bee-Tokens will, however, use any personal information collected about you in its own defense against legal charges brought against us by you or persons representing you.† Your personal information may also be released to verified federal or local agencies, in conjunction with a subpoena, according to United States law.

Collection of Bee-Token account related information:

All transactions involving your Bee-Tokens account, whether associated with a debit, credit, refill, purchase or other task, is recorded by the Bee-Tokens site.† This is necessary to appropriately debit your account and credit the producerís account with your transaction.

Usage of non-personally identifiable information:

Producers are allowed to review transactions made in conjunction with their content.† Any transaction made in relationship to a specific producer will be listed with that producer; however, the producer will only know the details of the content accessed, the date and time the content was accessed, and your customer ID number (this is not your Bee-Token ID).† The producer has no method for determining or viewing your personal information or Bee-Token ID number.† Your debits with your Bee-Tokens account may be used by Bee-Tokens for statistical analyses and business-related issues.

Privacy Policies of Authorized Bee-Tokens merchants:

Bee-Tokens is not responsible for the privacy polices of websites or producers who use the Bee-Tokens gateway.† Bee-Tokens does encourage authorized websites and producers to create and display privacy policies on any web page that uses a Bee-Tokens gateway.† If you are unsure of the privacy policy of a website you are using, we recommend that you contact the administrator of that website and request that information.

Spam e-mail:

Bee-Tokens does not engage in the practice of selling or directly emailing our customers for commercial reasons.† You will only receive e-mail from us if you have agreed to such when making a purchase from Bee-Tokens.

Third Parties:

Bee-Tokens will never release your personal information to third parties unless otherwise indicated within this documentation.


Bee-Tokens makes use of both session cookies and permanent cookies.† These cookies are vital to the operation of the Bee-Tokens website.† If you attempt to disable cookies on your computer, you will loose certain features of the Bee-Tokes website.† This will be clearly noted when you try to access a special feature that requires the use of cookies.