What Are Bee-Tokens

Bee-Tokens are a virtual currency that are purchased from Bee-Tokens.com. Bee-Tokens are accepted by any website that participates in the Bee-Tokens currency method. Each Bee-Token is worth USD $0.10.

Bee-Tokens are a great way to pay for pictures, fan fiction, music, white papers, essays, horoscopes, donations, and other Internet merchandise.

Why Use Bee-Tokens

If you create or distribute digital content, you deserve to get a return on your hard work. Why give away work, watching unknown masses plunder your media and shreiking as the bandwidth usage on your website goes through the roof.

It is time to turn your passion into money, Bee-Tokens is a great way to track who accesses your material, your bandwidth usage, and at the same time MAKE MONEY.

Bee-Tokens Pays out 75% on every Bee-Token drop. If you were to get your own credit card processing system (assuming that you would be accepted) you would need to sell well over $150 a month just to break even!

For your customers Bee-Tokens provides one secure method of payment for your material, without you having to deal with chargebacks, scammers, or customer service!

Bee-Tokens connects you with your customers and takes the sting out of Internet commerce.